About Us

In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of working with experienced, local professionals cannot be overstated.

We’re market leaders.

We are a market leader in global emerald trading with extensive experience and expertise in gemstone mining, mining law and concession acquisitions.

Our Vision.


As a progressive and imaginative company, we aim to set the new precedent for best practices in the gemstone industry by transforming current standards into the premiere example of employee-friendly, sustainability-driven, community-centered enterprise.

Our Mission.


Our mission is to create unique opportunities for all our stakeholders by partnering with surrounding communities to focus on known and proven gemstone belts including existing yet undervalued assets, supply rough gemstones through organised and transparent selling platforms, and promote mined gemstones around the world.

What Makes GGI Different?

Your Local Partner

We provide professional and tailored global support

Your Need = Our Focus

We know one size doesn’t fit all – we understand your needs and provide personalised solutions

Global & Local Expertise

We are veterans and professionals at mining and selling gemstones around the globe

Communication at its Best

English, Spanish or Portuguese – we’ve got you covered. All our experienced local and expatriate staff are at least bilingual

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